Through its 130 years of history and more than 75 thousand members, our chamber is not only one of the most radical and powerful professional organization of our city but also of our country. In present day our Chamber which takes its power from the Constitutional Law and laws was structed in accordance with the law numbered 5174 of Chambers and Stock Exchanges under the Union of Turkish Chambers and Stock Exchanges.

In addition to the duties that are determined by Constitutional Law and Laws, İzmir Chamber of Commerce executes many activities in order to increase its member’s commerce, ameliorate İzmir’s economy, wealth and quality of life of İzmir community. While our country aims at becoming a global power, our Chamber determines the aim for İzmir is to become “World City Brand City İzmir”

In accordance with these targets, as an e-Chamber that uses the latest technological means with its 160 expert staff, the Chamber carries out and implements projects.

We give great importance to foreign trade and foreign investment in the development of our members, city and country. In order to introduce our members to foreign buyers and new markets, we organize courses, offer incentives for the fairs and organize participations in specific fairs. In parallel with these, we match the foreign investors who aim to make business, to make trade with business men of Izmir, we organize meetings.

We match our members with foreign investors and businessmen on our database of Turkish – World Partners (TWP) programme. TWP enables the matchmaking between the buyer and the seller. It provides connections for the companies that are registered to the system. TWP provides the information of registered products, services communication and other types of information for the members that are registered in the system. It is an ideal portal that enables our members to find foreign partners and suppliers.

We also wish you to take your part in our TWP system, which is completely free of charge and benefit from the large commercial prospects.

Contact Information

Mrs. Hande Türker

E-mail : hande.turker@izto.org.tr

Tel : +90 232 4984235